We are the team man technologistsparklesman technologist lightwoman technologist
of superdevelopers

Thinking and taking care of our clients for over 15 years, offering them personalized solutions, which are suitable for defined tasks and goals. United by the desire to advance further, embodying and implementing exceptional ideas.

Key to our efficiency is the distribution of the provided tasks. Each part of the project is referred to several experts combined in teams with the relevant areas of work:

  • mobile developers
  • project development and mass media
  • e-commerce
  • software development
  • support and devops
  • digital marketing

Our experts are happy to offer solutions to your problems. Providing a complex approach for each task (assignment): researching trends, studying analytics, developing a strategy, using modern technology stack and connecting it with our client’s ideas.

ideil does not employ full-stack programmers. Distributing the duties and pumping up relevant competencies among our backend, frontend, ux/ui designers, project managers, content writers, marketologists, targetologists, qa experts and devops.

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